Homemade Road Trip Snacks: Easy to Make, Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

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The struggle is real when it comes to eating healthy while traveling, having said that, the good news is; staying healthy takes little effort while planning a road trip. Be it for work, vacation, or out of the country; these homemade foods listed below will help you continue to eat healthy during road trips, reduce stress and maintain a well-balanced diet.

With much experience and reviews, the details listed below provide a complete overview for preparing homemade road trip snacks; how to prepare, how to stay healthy during the trip, and stuffs to check before leaving for the trip. Details regarding what can and can’t make through the airport security, tools that are helpful to pack are also covered below.

Homemade Snacks for Road Trip

Here’s a list of a few healthy travel snacks and its recipes that you can make at home and bring along on road trips, flight travel, or just when you happen to be busy in life.

Mix with Superfoods:

mix superfoods for road trip - gallivant

The trial mix is a top choice of campers and canoe sightseers, all the way up to those flying first class. That’s because it’s super nutritious and also being delicious. Check the healthy homemade mix with superfoods recipe that includes hemp seeds, goji berries, and mulberries to give you a healthy boost of energy and easy to prepare. Add in a couple of chocolate chips for a totally addictive healthy treat that’s easy to pack and carry wherever you go.

Extra Fiber & Potassium:

banana muffins home made road trip snack - gallivant

Low-fat banana muffins are the most loved treat and they smell so good while baking. It’s high stress-reducing potassium which indeed is a bonus when you travel. You can easily make a dozen of them for family’s next road trip or a great after-school snack especially when you are running between school and extra-curricular activities. You can even add raisins to the recipe for extra potassium and fiber.

Hummus Avocado Wrap:

avocado wrap mint and cucumber - gallivant

Need a healthy, hunger-filling snack for your next road trip? This bring-along snack or small meal when you’re on the move comes with an avocado hummus wrap sandwich recipe with hummus, avocado, and sprouts are super simple to make and basically without the mess. Avocado lovers will love this simple way to enjoy the taste of avocado without worrying or relying on street food for longer.

Spiced Peanuts:

homemade road trip snacks spiced peanuts - gallivant

Known for its protein-rich ingredients, peanuts are toasted with spices and then roasted, this simple and healthy peanuts recipe is great for travel snacks that can be taken along with you easily while traveling. Make them in less than 30 minutes and pack them in air-tight containers for a long-lasting portable snack and treat.

Almond Flour Pretzels:

almond flour pretzels

Chewy pretzels are ideal for eating on-the-go, they’re exquisite and filling enough to hold you until you can eat a real meal. This specific recipe for pretzels includes almond flour, cream cheese, mozzarella, and eggs for the ideal bread-like, wanton chomp. This is one snack that will have everyone cheering and happens to be gluten-free and keto-friendly too.

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Baked Kale Chips:

kale baked chips - gallivant

Oven-based kale chips are trendy, nutritional, and not to forget..appetizing & crunchy snack that makes a delicious alternative to potato chips. Your family would eat them straight up, even the kids and adults who think they may not like kale. This snack is a fun recipe to try making with kids. Pack some for your next family vacation or stash some in the glove compartments of the car, for a nutritious on-the-road snack.

Frozen Grapes:

frozen grapes - gallivant

During hot excursions or whenever you need a refreshing cold snack while traveling. try this fun recipe. Frozen grapes are cooling, nutritious bites that have a sorbet-like flavor that feels delightful and a worthy snack. Don’t forget to pack them in a cooler bag for car trips so you can enjoy nibbling on this sweet frozen treat.

Cheese Popcorn:

home made popcorn for road trip - gallivant

Without a doubt, you could purchase a pre-packaged cheese popcorn at the store, yet that’s full of ingredients that you may not even need. Why not make your own cheese popcorn with real cheddar instead, and can taste far better than the packaged ones. This cheese popcorn recipe uses real cheese for a savory, fulfilling popcorn recipe that the whole family will love. And it just takes a couple of minutes to make.

Dried Apple Chips:

baked apple chips for short trip - gallivant

Oven-dried apple chips are scrumptious, portable travel grub that is ideal for kids and adults too. Check how easily you can make dried apple chips that you’d never get enough of eating.

Cucumber & Mint Tea Sandwiches:

mint sandwiches - gallivant

Cucumber and mint tea sandwiches are not just to enjoy afternoon tea; this easy-to-make delicious sandwich made with juicy cucumber and fresh mint leaves has a cooling impact that makes it ideal for summer road trips and picnics.

Let us know your thoughts on planning a road trip without compromising on your diet as well as health. This tasty and just-in-minutes recipe is easy to make as well as carry wherever you travel. Such homemade travel snacks can always come in rescue when your stomach starts to rumble in the car or while your kids get cranky on the airplane.

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