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We now accept your content on our Gallivant Blog, our aim is to have your content published and have traffic to it by promoting and optimizing the content so that it ranks better on SERP(search engine results page).


We expect you to follow the guidelines so that the procedure for us to get it published as well as improve it’s organic reach would be lesser than usual. If you are interested in writing, travelling and getting your content published online, is the domain that you are looking out for.


Write for us | Share your travel stories | guest posts accepted

  • Country/City specific travel experience
  • Best places to explore as a freelancer
  • Budget related travelling content
  • Technology involved in travelling(How technology can make travelling better)
  • Travel hacks
  • Ways to save money when you travel
800-2000 words, detailed and contains useful links. Has tips and tricks that are not found on any other website. We love spreading knowledge to our readers and we are inclined in serving their purpose when the come on our website. Depending upon the statistics we do have a plan to pay our guest writers.

 All you need to do is email the content to with title "New Guest Post Submission by - (your name)" 

Please share the content using google docs so that we can update you the changes if needed.

Hi Sam,
My name is Joannah and I’m writing about submitting a guest post on your site. I’ve been traveling the world for seven years, with a focus on Antarctica. For the last six months, I’ve been traveling around North and South Pole as a backpacker and have a lot of resources that can help.

My blog is abs.kom, and I’ve written some posts on the subject that can be found here and here. My proposed topic is “How travelling to Antarctica made me know more about climate change,” which will focus on how to get around, eat, and stay in such remote places and be prepared for sudden weather change.

The idea here is to show people that climate change is real and we need to take necessary actions. Here are links to some of my content so that you can gauge accordingly. Looking forward to hearing from you.

We respect the content that you sent, simple and to the point. If we like the pitch we'll definitely reply. As mentioned please follow the rules and send us your details:

Name, Author Bio, profile picture, links to personal blog

Additionally, not all post get accepted right when you submit to us. With thorough reading and checking SEO compatibility we may ask you to make changes to your draft so please expect notes and rewrites.

Thank you for reading!


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