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Though the places to travel for nature lovers may vary from person to person, there are few places where you could afford to go often and feel mystic about it as well. You need not wait and plan for such places, all you need is to pack your back and head to the destination with basic research that’s done here for you.

Most of the nature lovers like to take some time out and visit a place that’s within their reach and can afford or as well as return within a day of travelling. When it comes to visiting and being around nature, one common thing that you as a nature lover would like is “less crowd”. Hence, in this article I’ll mention a few places that is not much crowded as well as accessible within an hour or two of travelling.

5 Best Destinations for Nature Lovers

Tungarli Lake – Lonavala, Pune Maharashtra

This destination is best for those who like trekking as well as staying to explore a few more places around Lonavala. Located amidst Mumbai & Pune, Lonavala can be reachable within 2 hours from Mumbai and an hour from Pune.

This place is often hidden from most of the travelers that quite often visit Lonavala. It also includes a view of several waterfalls and if the weather is favorable during monsoon, then you may even experience the waterfall closer enough before it’s fall from the cliff. 

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Kava – Malampuzha, Palakkad Kerala

Kava is situated near to the main source of Malampuzha Dam in Palakkad, the place is densely covered with forest placed near to the backside of Malampuzha Dam.

Most of the tourist who visit Malampuzha Dam are quite overwhelmed by it’s new revamped look, extended Gardens, Ropeway that starts from one end of the Dam to the other end, Snake Park, Aquarium and Rock Gardens.

To reach Kava, you need to drive further around 2 kms from Malampuzha Dam towards the main source of the Dam. The path to Kava is scenic, covered with thick forest and few local villages. The best part that any nature lover would like about this place is, you can explore its vast lands during summer when the water level is quite low & even enjoy the waterfall during initial days of Monsoon.

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Pillar Rocks – Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Pillar Rocks literally gives you the feeling as if you are above the clouds and between the rocks, with wind blowing on an average speed of above 40kmph “Pillar Rocks” being one of Kodaikanal’s most famous attractions, from a scenic view you could notice three mammoth rock pillars that stand shoulder-to-shoulder emerging 400-ft high above the clouds!

From a bird’s eye view of the surrounding and being on top of the clouds that’s stretched miles and miles ahead of you gives a pleasant feeling which makes this place a true paradise.

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Kumarakom – Kottayam, Kerala

Kumarakom is a small village of around 14km, situated towards the west of Kottayam, part of Kuttanad aka ‘wonder land’. Lying below the sea level, the area comprises of islands in the back waters. Kumarakom village covers an area of 5155 Hector, out of which 2413 Hector is lake, 1500 Hector of paddy fields and remaining 1253 Hector is dry land.

Kumarakom backwaters consist of houseboats, resorts and spas nearby that accommodate best comforts with options like traditional Ayurvedic massages, Yoga and meditation along with its scenic presence.

best places for nature lovers
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Valley of Flowers – Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers is rich in flora and fauna, it is declared as the National Park of India and has lured nature lovers, botanists & adventure lovers with its amazing colors and greenery that’s stretched far until your sight ends. The Valley of Flowers has its own magic, the colors seem to change throughout the season from May to October. Its more mesmerizing to encounter such a view with hundreds of different flowers that take various colors and shades as the season changes.

Valley of Flowers based in the Chamoli district, sprawls widely over 87 square kilometers that stretches 8km long and 2km wide.

The Valley of Flowers has its own magic, the colors seem to change throughout the season from May to October. Its more mesmerizing to encounter such a view with hundreds of different flowers that take various colors and shades as the season changes.

Locals here believe in a popular myth that the Valley of Flowers was inhabited by fairies and Gods, during early days, if one goes to the Valley and never returns, symbolizes that the person is captured by the fairies.

best places for nature lovers
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The places listed here are based on personal views, there are few more places for nature lovers that we would cover up in our scheduled blogs for next quarter. As the “travelling” part and “nature lovers” go parallel with same interest of “exploring”, Gallivant would cover up more destinations for nature lovers according to different countries and various means to reach there.

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