8 Things You Should Experience On Your Goa Trip

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In contrast to the other bustling urban destinations in India, Goa stands out for its pristine beaches, tangled palm trees, and relaxed atmosphere. It feels so rejuvenating just to spend a few days at this beach paradise. And with so many events and activities to offer this place puts you in a magical spell of never wanting to leave this place.

We have some suggestions! And you don’t have to stay by the beach for some fun things to do in Goa. You can probably check out some of our suggestions. Scroll down for more!

8 Things You Must Experience in Goa

Visitors from around the world flock to Goa to enjoy popular beaches like Colva Beach and Palolem Beach. But, Goa is not only known for its beaches but it is also known for many other things like Portuguese food, historical churches, temples, vibrant nature, and much more.

So it’s high time to juice up your itinerary with some amazing Goa exploration.

Menezes Braganza Pereira House

Beaches and parties are not the only attractions that make Goa the perfect holiday destination. An area filled with rich colonial history that tells the tale of Portuguese colonial history in Goa is the Braganza house. This two-story house is extremely elegant and charming despite its crumbling walls and its vintage-style decor.

Braganza house Goa

Although all non-Indian-owned homes, including the Braganza house, had to be vacated following independence. Nowadays, it is a private residence in which you can see antiques from all over the world as well as furniture from a wide range of cultures.

A walk Among Nature

Those who seek adventure and thrill in Goa have something for you too. The Mollem National Park is the perfect place to go trekking if you enjoy exploring nature accompanied by a cool breeze and an orange sunset. You can also explore Goa’s natural beauty at its extreme form Dudhsagar waterfalls, which are located in this area.

Dudhsagar waterfalls

Or you can explore some wildlife at the Krishnapur Canyon, where you will find Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, which has no entrance fees. But keep in mind you might need to spend some extra bucks for a backpack, water bottles, comfortable clothing, and good-quality shoes in order to prepare for the trek.

Its Shopping Time:

The night markets of Goa offer a unique shopping experience. Visit stalls selling clothes, jewelry, beachwear, musical instruments, and even arts and artifacts from around the world.

shopping in goa

It is possible to negotiate a good price at these flea markets, and stuff is available at affordable rates. The Saturday Night Market at Arpora and Baga, the Friday Market at Mapusa, and Anjuna Flea Market are some of the popular night markets in Goa.

These markets are the best places to visit in Goa to enjoy the night markets, which remain open until approximately 2 am with live music, free-flowing beer, and a good vibe.

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Taste Some Mouthwatering Delicacy

A visit to Goa would not be complete without firing your taste buds with mouth-watering seafood delicacies and Indo Portuguese treats. Here are some of the delicious dishes that you should definitely try whether you are or not an adventurous palate.

seafood in goa

Goan squid fry, Goan Xacuti with poi, prawn curry rice, and fish tandoori are among those specialties that you must try in Goa. Another popular option, katre (butterfly bread), is bread with a hole on top. Bebinca or serradura are a must-have at the end of every meal.

A Perfect Sunset Dinner

Experience great scenery and landscape in Goa without burning a hole in your pocket with a sunset cruise. Sit back and relax on a cruise along the Mandovi river as you depart from Panjim and enjoy your immersive experience.

Mandovi river Goa

A sunset cruise, a backwater cruise, a gambling boat with entertainment and dinner is among the many options on offer, all set against the backdrop of the city and hills in the distance. A romantic candle-lit dinner with your partner, a pint, or a glass of wine is among the activities available.

Visit the Spice Plantation

A place you should definitely visit in Goa for a culturally intriguing experience is to explore the spice plantation. Our recommendation is to visit Sahakari Spice Plantations in Ponda. In this exotic spice plantation, visitors are able to observe peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, and vanilla pods in their natural habitat.

spice plantation goa

The aromatic smells will remind you why Europeans came to India! Spices are plucked and tasted on this farm which is the largest of its kind in the region. Also, you can sample hot Peri-Peri chilies and take a bath in an elephant shower before dining on a traditional Goan lunch.

Silent Dance Party

Headphone parties in Goa might still be an exciting experience for anyone who enjoys the party culture of the state. But nowadays silent parties have become quite popular during the holiday season because it is an innovative alternative to regular parties.

silent dance party

You can witness such parties and go dancing and have fun at Palolem Beach. You will be accompanied by international DJs who will play the latest, trendiest music. It is a common sight to see people dancing even though you can’t hear the music. So this is one of the must-to-do things in Goa.

Bungee Jumping

In addition to the various water sports available in Goa, Bungee jumping should definitely not be missed. Bungee jumping is an exciting activity, which is a relatively new concept in Goa. It’s a thrilling experience to bungee jump in Goa, which can reveal gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking views.

bunjee jumping goa

Despite its challenging nature, this activity requires a great deal of courage. The experience of a lifetime is achieved with a lot of practice and preparation. But the thrill of jumping from a height is exciting and perfect for all the adrenaline junkies.


You can experience the best of Goa by going to these 8 places that include its rich history, delicious food, lit-up markets, spice plantations, and waterfalls. How many of the Goan tourist attractions have you visited? What part of Goa appeals to you the most? We’d love to hear from you!

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