10 Extraordinary Forts for Trekking in Maharashtra

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Traveling adds life to your days, which you would somehow spend doing nothing so huge.

Take a Trek, a climb enjoys benefits, the main benefit being, it assists you with splitting away from the tedium of the metropolitan wilderness, assists you to connect with nature and drive away the entirety of your blues. Simply get away from your everyday practice, go out there on a vacation or end of the week, partake in your journey and you will return revived, re-stimulated with your feelings of dread vanquished and another you, prepared to take on the world.

Blessed with stunning beauty that is diverse and unique at the same time, Maharashtra enjoys mountainous reliefs, cliffs, waterfalls, forests and of course the tall and proud forts that speak of its glorious history.

We don’t generally need to travel to another country to see natural excellence; it’s right under our nose.

Health Disclaimer:

Be fit prior to heading for journeying. Prior to arranging a traveling trip, it is prescribed to have a clinical exam for wellness. On the off chance that you or anybody from your individuals experiencing any sort of sensitivity, do carry prescribed medicines to prevent health problems. Carry sufficient water, masks and sanitizer.

Prabalgad Fort:

best places for trekking in maharashtra

The Maharashtra visit includes various areas to be visited and the Prabalgad Fort is one such vacation destination here which is frequently visited by the explorers. The post is situated in the mid-method of Panvel and Matheran. Traveling up to the fort will be an astonishing turn and experience to your excursion however you should be extremely cautious as the way to the stronghold is exceptionally steep. Just experienced and prepared travelers ought to enjoy arriving at the high stronghold which requires around three hours’ time on the off chance that you start from the town of Shedung. Regardless of whether you are a non-adventurer this spot is stunning for touring. The encompassing of the fortification being pleasant is ideal for photography.

Kalavantin Durg:

places to trek in maharashtra

Kalavantin Durg was utilized as a watchtower and is found right close to Prabalgad Fort on the old Mumbai Pune course. The excellence of this trip is the astonishing stone-cut advances that crisscross their direction up the mountain to take you to the highest point of the fortress. One can get an all-encompassing perspective from the top, also the adventure of an uncovered ascension by means of the steps.

Irshalgad Fort:

forts for trekking in maharashtra

Irshalgad is situated among Panvel and Matheran. Irshalgad is sister post of Prabalgad. Discussing the history of Irshalgad is that this fortress was under the Maratha rule when Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj caught the locales of Kalyan and Bhiwandi. Irshalgad can’t be called a fortress as there is no stronghold accessible.

Irshalgad is an apex that has Nedhe. Nedhe is the Marathi ( Local Language ) which implies Natural Hole in the Mountain. Irshalgad offers stunning perspective on Morbe Dam, Karnala Fort, Sondai Fort and Prabalgad Fort.

Sondai Fort :

trekking in maharashtra

Sondai isn’t a particularly popular stronghold close to Karjat Chowk Phata. Sondai Fort Trek is nine kilometers from Karjat rail line station. It offers a lovely perspective on Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri posts, Karnala Fort, and Matheran mountain range. Sondai Fort Karjat was utilized as a lookout to secure the shipping lanes. Sondewadi and Wavarle are the base towns of Sondai post. Sondewadi town is arranged at 1/fourth tallness of this Fort.

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There are two water reservoirs on, and steps are cut out of rocks to go on the highest point where an icon of Sondai Devi stands. Two more water storages are coming and have consumable water. An iron ladder has been installed to climb till the summit to seek the blessings of Sondai Devi Temple safer for all the hikers and devotees.

Kaldurg Fort:

forts for trekking in maharashtra

Journey to Kaldurg Fort is arranged toward the east of Palghar, Maharashtra, in the Sahyadri mountain scope of northern Konkan. It is deliberately arranged at a stature of 475 meters above ocean level with Availability of good timberland land and giving perspectives on the Arabian Sea and Surya River toward the east.

For noticing and keeping a watch on the area, Top of the post is a major rectangular stone. Because of this stone it’s very simple to find the post from a good way. The region ought to include a large portion of a section of land. On the level under the stone fix, there is a major water tank. A reservoir can likewise be found. The post can be imagined as partitioned in 2 sections in particular top of the fortification and level beneath. 2-3 stages assist us with getting on the top from the level.

Mahuli Fort:

trekking in maharashtra

Mahuli Fort, with simple access and nearness to Mumbai, is a famous journeying objective for voyagers from Mumbai. The actual post, the most elevated point in the Thane region, traces all the way back to the fourteenth century, even as a large portion of the fortresses presently lay in ruins. The woods encompassing the stronghold, pronounced a safe haven, is thick and congested with rainstorms took care of waterway streams running down from the post. The mountains, on which the post lives at 2,800 feet, are a gathering of multiple tops with a complex of levels and zeniths. You’ll investigate the Mahuli Fort and snap Instagram-commendable photographs prior to starting and the arrival of journey, finishing up an audacious outing with a scrumptious breakfast at the base town.

Garbett Point:

places to trek in maharashtra

Garbett point journey is on the south west of Matheran-one of the extremely famous and effectively open objective close to Mumbai. Matheran is honored with charming environment consistently. During the storm, the spot spouts cascades and transforms into shades of green multiplying its magnificence. Matheran covers a space of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadris. This stunning spot was found in 1850 by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the authority of Thane area. Garbett point is a pleasant journey for unwinding and taking a break from the day by day occupied life.

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Kothaligad Fort:

forts for trekking in maharashtra

Kothaligad (additionally called Peth) is a little Fort (3100 ft) is arranged toward the east of Karjat close to Karjat-Murbad Road in the Indian province of Maharashtra. It is one of the renowned trips in the Karjat region, due to its little tallness and simple climbing. It is otherwise called the Fort of Peth due to its area to Peth town at its base.

The cave and the temple carvings date back to the thirteenth century. Very little is thought about the set of experiences until the eighteenth century. In 1716, this cavern was caught by the British. Afterward on, on November 2, 1817, it was recovered by the Marathas under the initiative of Bapurao who had a place with the age after Bajirao. It was recovered by the British, on December 30, 1817, the extremely one month from now, under Captain Brooks. The British had the fortification till 1862 as a station for carefulness on the encompassing valley and the slopes surrounding it.

Local people say that this isn’t really a fortress yet a kind of lighthouse from where the headings were given to know the headways of the foe. Indeed, it tends to be known as a watch pinnacle to keep a vigil on the Mawal region in the more noteworthy region of the Maratha

Gorakhgad Fort:

places to trek in maharashtra

Gorakhgad is a little post at Dehri town close to Murbad. Named after Saint Goraknath, the fortress is at a tallness of 2150 ft above ocean level. It is situated in Murbad area, on the all-encompassing scope of Bhimashankar mountains. This fort doesn’t remain solitary. It’s a triplet. Siddhagad, Gorakhgad and Macchindragad are the triplet fortresses with Siddhagad as the greatest among three. The last move to the apex includes a lofty stone fix that prompts a little sanctuary. The highest point of the stone goes through somewhat intense course. However not a specialized ascension, it has high openness. The trip offers an ideal escape for the city tenants and the charming storm showers just add to the rich experience. The angle of the journey is nonstrenuous and can be altogether delighted in by those new to traveling.

Peb/Vikatgad Fort:

forts for trekking in maharashtra

This fortress isn’t heard by numerous individuals until a few years back yet as of late is getting increasingly more famous with travelers. It’s a little fortification close to the scopes of Matheran (the popular slope station in Maharashtra). It is arranged on upper east side of Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune street, a good way off of 3-4 km on west side of Neral. This is a one-day journey and furthermore perhaps the most charming trips in Monsoon. It is otherwise called Vikatgad. The strongholds and slopes in and around Peb Fort are Nakhind, Chanderi, Mahasmal. Prabalgad is another stronghold inverse this little fortress. Peb post neglects the Konkan locale and furthermore is agreeable from Pune. So Chatrapati Shivaji probably given an idea prior to building this essential stronghold. The fortification is at a tallness of 2100 feet above mean ocean level.

This post is noticeable from the edge of Panorama Point at Matheran or from Matheran Toy Train after you cross the One Kiss Tunnel. The Panorama Point at Matheran is at a lot more elevated level and gives an unmistakable perspective on the little stronghold of the post.

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