WHO Video Press Conference on COVID-19 Coronavirus | March 13th

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Dr Tedros, video conference on Coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandemic

Be it government’s declaration on total lockdown on districts, states or country from social gatherings, it’s the way to have a control in spreading the virus. Though this step alone wont be enough, it’s we as humans need to come up with self-awareness.

The deaths per day due to other illness is more as compared to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the most effective way to make the process more easy is by knowing the symptoms and getting the situation treated.

More cases are being reported everyday than it is being reported in China at the height of it’s epidemic

Dr Tedros WHO Director General

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove says “we should support countries who come with more numbers. Instead of punishing the act”

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Key takeaways in understanding and taking care of yourselves

  • Wash your hands and avoid contact with your mouth & eyes.
  • Cover your mouth with elbow if you happen to cough.
  • Sneezing and running nose is not the only symptom, fever and breathing problem is mainly considered as reporting for testing.
  • Avoid social gatherings, help yourself and other’s through this pandemic.

WHO conveys their best to all the frontline workers who are taking step in treating the virus. With technology and togetherness, treating this virus at the right time by taking care of yourselves is much needed. Knowing to stop yourself from being effected matters the most while dealing with patients.

The frontline workers are advised to imply methods that make the process more easy, using a team chat app that could help them in updating real time information and stopping them in delaying any process. Groups and NGOs working towards the pandemic are advised implementing devices with whitelisted messaging app that help them in delivering the information quickly.

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