Travelling to Zambia, the Uniqueness of this Land is Quite Soothing!

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Travelling to Zambia was quick and sudden for me, though I never planned. I’ve got quite good experience being in that land. The clear sky, vast wildlife, people being kind, and it’s growth, has got me amazed with the country. If given a chance I’d love to go there soon, you’d too once you be in the country for some time by falling in love with the nature.

sign board for victoria falls
Sign Board for Victoria Falls

Zambia is considered Africa’s best-kept secret, though the country has many places to visit, it is barely on the radar of many travelers. People who love nature, wildlife, bungee jumping(near to Victoria Falls), wetlands, rivers then Zambia is the best place to visit. Thrill seekers can raft the Zambezi River, bungee jump or even swim in a rock pool right on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

Being in this country and exploring places would give you the moment where in you feel you have found something that was a secret to the world. Zambia is home of walking or self driving safari, gets you close experience with Giraffe, Deer, Monkeys, Crocodile. Wildlife lovers will feel it like the best place to be by sighting leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos and hippopotamus. So here’s a quick summary on places that I’ve visited and personal experience by staying in the country for almost a month.

Best time to visit Zambia

Zambian dry season is between June, November is a wonderful time to visit due to cool nights and beginning of rainy season. My visit was December to January, which luckily was the perfect time to visit, Victoria falls shows up it’s beauty during this rainy season and this is when the “smoke that thunders” lives up to its name!

Best places to visit in Zambia

With no doubt Victoria Falls is the best place to visit, combined with safari, boat safari during sunset added with a chilled beer and delicious food to eat. Most of the boat safari guides do serve wonderful food and take you to the points where you could spot crocodile and hippos. Know in detail about boating safari in Zambia.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
crocodile farm zambia
Crocodile Farm
art exhibition zambia
Art Exhibition
boat safari zambia
Boat Safari

Wildlife and Jungle Safari

Zambia is known as heaven who likes wildlife and being with the nature, I personally have never seen stars so clearly at night being with the nature. You can walk or drive your own car to experience Jungle Safari in Zambia, check Self Drive Zambia for more information.

self drive safari zambia
Self Drive Safari
self drive safari zambia

Food and Restaurants in Zambia

kariba bream fish
Kariba Bream Fish

Personally I didn’t get much change to explore, though I liked Sandy’s Creation Restaurant and a couple more in the malls. Since we used to cook and experiment, I still crave for Tiger Fish Fry

Tiger Fish
tiger fish fry with beer
Tiger Fish Fry with Beer

Overall the experience of travelling, living and exploring Zambia always makes me to open the treasure box of pictures and visit the place soon. This country and places would not just make you sync with its nature but also feel it completely. Zambia being safest and people being friendly gives a plus point for travelers in exploring and knowing the place without any worries.

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