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Turkey – a place so beautiful and filled with exotic culture, you’ll love to visit it time and again. While it is a traditional Islamic nation, it is modern enough for you to feel utterly comfortable, wearing what you usually wear. You don’t have to make great changes to your behavior, talk or walk while you’re at Turkey. That’s why Turkey falls into the top 10 global travel destinations. Be sure to carry plenty of money with you, for Turkey will tempt you mightily with incredible carpets, handmade jewelry, wood carvings and so much more! Here are several reasons why you should visit Turkey:

Fantastic Museums!

Museums always tell the story of a country. In Turkey, the story is so complex that you’ll have to explore all the many museums there to understand. Turkey has been ruled by many empires over millennia. There are artefacts and treasures from all these occupations in Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep, the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace Museum and several more. In many of these museums you’ll find incredible treasures dug from places such as Anatolia, once the cradle of many civilizations.

Historical Interests

This is a country which was occupied by our prehistoric ancestors more than 25,000 years. This country has been ruled by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Hittie, Hellens, Seljuks, the Ottomans and others. This country has withstood any number of attempts to colonize it. It has stood there as empires rose and fell over the centuries. You can imagine just how complex and interesting Turkey’s history is. Explore Antalya, a city that was founded in 158-138 BC. Also check out Ephesus, an ancient Greek city, now UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you’ll find townships dating back to Roman times. You’ll get a great look into the civilization of the Roman Empire at Ephesus. Take an eye-opening historical tour of this country and you’ll be very glad you did so.

Unending Supply of Amazing Food!

Turkish cuisine has become popular all over the world. The delicious sweet and savory bread shaped like a pretzel, Simit, and the incredible falafels and the coffee – they are all to die for. Turkey’s cuisine has plenty of dishes for meat lovers and vegans. Food is moderately priced around Turkey and is plentiful. Turkey follows the highest standards in food regulation, so you can grab a meal from a roadside vendor and not fall sick. Every meal in Turkey is a cause of celebration. A meal that’s eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner is called ‘Meze’. It includes a range of food items presented beautifully on the table. There’s always Turkish bread or Simit, olives, varieties of cheese, a vegetable dish, plenty of fruits and some special items. The items may change but the variety is always good and the taste amazing!

A Lovely Warm Culture

top reason to visit turkey

What the Turkish love to have is a good time. The locals like to gather at homes, bars and home taverns to eat, drink, sing and have fun. Everyone is welcome to join, especially tourists. You won’t feel out of place in this country! Whether you are visiting Kusadasi, Istanbul, Marmaris or Bodrum or Antalya, all you have to do is enter a tavern, order a glass of home brew or the rather pungent Turkish Raki and join in. Pretty soon you’ll be invited to someone’s home and enjoy a fabulous morning Mezze, or the breakfast meal. Hurry and obtain a Turkey visa, so you can enjoy this nation’s people and their incredible bonhomie.

A Great Chance to Make Money

Even though Turkey is a developing nation, it is one of the topmost world economies. If you are looking for a market to invest in, put your money into a Turkish company. We’re not saying you’ll immediately experience golden returns of course. However, if you invest in some booming real estate or a solid business that’s been around for a long time, you’ll be able to leverage some of the enormous business opportunities here, for your own benefit.

Endless Summer!

Turkey enjoys a unique climate – sunny Mediterranean, with the sun shining on the blue seas and white sands almost all year long. For 6 full months Turkey enjoys a fabulous summer, especially southern Turkey. The splendid seas and the beaches will call to you. The mind-blowing beauty of the Aegean coastline begs to be explored. Whether you go fishing, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, bicycling, hot air ballooning, yachting or boating, you’ll enjoy warm climate and absolutely clear skies.

Souvenir Paradise!

Turkey has many beautiful markets, notably the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. You’ll be exposed to a huge range of goods – authentic carpets made of the finest wool and silk, clothing, kilims, jewelry and more. Turkish carpets are among the very best in the world. They offer greater versatility when it comes to being displayed in western homes, with unique western motifs and patterns that don’t scream oriental.

Uber-luxury Stays!

Talk of amazing stays, with the utmost in luxury and beauty.  After all, Turkey entertains millions of visitors a year. It’s no wonder that this country has invested in the best of welcoming accommodations. You’ll find hotels with spas, gyms, entertainment options and planned tours as well. Summer or winter, Turkey is prime for travel. Book in advance and get the best offers you can from hotels. There’s such intense competition in the tourism industry that you can get away with really cheap fares for the best of accommodation.

Mind-blowing Attractions

There’s much to do while you’re in Turkey, but let’s talk about the attractions first. Visit the famous Ottoman-era Blue Mosque in Istanbul first. You’ll be amazed just how majestic this mosque looks – its beauty rivals any grand structure you’ve ever seen. It’s called the ‘Blue Mosque’ because at night, the mosque is bathed in a blue light. Right next to this mosque is the famous Hagia Sophia Museum. Once a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the Hagia Sophia went on to serve as an Ottoman imperial mosque. Built in 537 AD, the Hagia Sophia is one of the most amazing buildings of all time.

Adventure Galore!

reasons to visit turkey

If you’re more into adventuring than shopping and sightseeing, Turkey is perfect for you as well. Turkey’s mountains are perfect for caving, canyoning and rock climbing. You can mountain bike, go parasailing from the cliffs and even explore the terrain on a hot air balloon. In the ocean, there’s deep sea diving, scuba diving, windsurfing, sea kayaking and so on. There’s plenty of winter sports in Northern Turkey as well! One thing we would heartily recommend though. Take a cruse of the Aegean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Turkish Riviera. You’ll get to see ancient tombs, some splendid mountain ranges, fabulous beaches and amazing ruins.

Sports and Music Festivals

For music and sports buffs, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Turkey’s football scene is fair bursting. Within Istanbul, rival groups such as Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray play against each other in jam-packed stadiums every week. For music buffs, Turkey has many popular music festivals such as Big Burn Istanbul, Magic Break, and Cappadox. World famous artists perform at these festivals such as Adam Beyer, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Wiz Khalifa, among others.

Conclusion Turkey offers the consummate travel experience. There’s lot of everything for everyone – sports, music, history, business, tradition, arts and craft, food – it’s an endless list. You’ll be making repeat trips to this gem of a nation, once you’ve had a taste of her. Turkey has a way of getting into your blood.

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