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Top Places for Wildlife Safari Holidays in India

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A wildlife safari holiday in India is unlike any other holiday – filled with excitement, adrenaline rush, and thrilling experiences. India is blessed with diverse and rich flora and fauna.

It is home to more than 100 National Parks and 40 Tiger Reserves – making it the most admirable wildlife destination. Besides, a jungle safari lets you get up close and personal with wild animals in their natural habitats.

For adventure seekers – it’s a lifetime experience of sorts. Some magical safari scenes await you in the dense forests of India. So, if you are planning to have a complete wildlife experience in India, we’ve compiled a list of top places for wildlife safari holidays.

Wildlife Safari Places In India

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is Asia’s first National Park – and is the most popular Park in India. The Park is named after Jim Corbett – who hunted for man-eating tigers at the place.

jim corbett national park

After his demise, the area was converted into a National Park to protect and conserve the tigers. There are four main areas in the Park you can vsiist – Bijrani, Durga, Dhikala, and Jhirna.

Animals to spot: Bengal tigers, Chitals, Asiatic elephants, Black bears, Golden oriole, Fishing cats, Goral, and many species of animals and birds.

Best time to visit: Mid-March to May is the time to visit the Park.

Duration: 4 to five hours for a safari ride. You can choose – Jeep safari, Canter safari, or Elephant safari.

Ranthambore National Park

The Park spreads across 1300 sq km, which makes it the most majestic wildlife park in India. You’ll get to experience complete wilderness in and around the region. Tigers are the main attraction of the Park – capturing the interest of many wildlife photographers.

ranthambhore - wildlife safari in india

While on your safari ride, you’ll get a thrilling experience spotting wild cats freely absorbing the desert warmth.

Animals to spot: Tigers, Wild boards, Sambars, Slot bears, Indian chamaeleons, and Flying fox.

Best time to visit: March to May is the ideal time to visit the Park.

Duration: 3 to four hours for the safari ride. You can choose Jeep safari, Canter safari, and Special safari.

Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park is one of the highest altitude Parks in Ladakh. Its spread across 4400 sq km – and is home to many species of mammals and birds. However, the Park is home to animals that thrive in chilly climates.

wildlife safari in india

Besides the wilderness it offers – it’s also known for snow leopards. There are more than 100 endangered snow leopards at the Park.

Animals to spot: Blue sheep, Ibex, Tibetan argali sheep, Snow cocks, Golden eagles, and Chukar.

Best time to visit: May to September is the best time to visit the Park.

Duration: Early morning safari is the best. However, the Park is closed during the winter season.

Sundarbans National Park

Sunderbans in West Bengal is a marshy swampland spread across 4000 sq km. It is famous for the sightings of Royal Bengal tigers. If you’re lucky you will be able to spot tigers around the mangroves or swim in the lake.

sundharban - wildlife safari in india

Besides, it is known for its tiger reserve and conservation – and has adopted an amphibious lifestyle. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site – making it one of the most visited Parks of India.

Animals to spot: Royal Bengal tigers, Leopard cats, Indian grey goose, Wild boar, and Ridley turtles.

Best time to visit: Oct to April is the best time to visit Sunderbans.

Duration: 4 to eight hours – depending on the drive.

Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park in Madhya Pradesh is known for its rawness and distinctive typography. Besides, the rugged land and dense jungle make it a perfect habitat for wildlife animals.

wildlife safari in india - satpura

It is the best place to spot animals and click pictures. The safari through the Park is quite challenging, which will keep you on the edge.

Animals to spot: Slot bear, Leopards, Smooth otter, Sambar, Blackbuck, Spotted dear, Porcupine, and Antelopes.

Best time to visit: Oct to April is the best time to visit the Park.

Duration: Four to five hours by jeep safari. You can choose two-three different routes for the safari ride.

Tadoba National Park

Nestled in the hilly area – this Park is a delight for all wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, it is surrounded by massive hills and dense forests. The Lake near the Park acts as a watering hole for many wild animals. The stunning Lake is also the main attraction for tourists who visit the place.

wildlife safari in india - tadoba

Animals to spot: Barking deer, Tigers, Leopards, Guar, and Hyenas.

Best time to visit: Oct to June is the best time to visit the Park. If you want to spot tiger – May is the best time.

Duration: Two to three hours depending on the drive. You can take a Jeep safari or Minibus for a safari drive.

Pench National Park

Ideally located at the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the Park spreads across 400 sq km. The Park is mainly known as a Tiger Reserve – and is home to diverse vegetation.

wildlife safari in india - pench

You can visit the Park with your friends and family to enjoy a wonderful safari adventure. Besides, it is a great place for all bird lovers – as it’s home to a variety of birds.

Animals to spot: Wild boars, Leopards, and Shelter.

Best time to visit: Oct to June is the best time to visit the Park.

Duration: Three to five hours. You can choose a morning or evening safari. Most people choose a gypsy safari at Pench National Park.

Bandhavgarh National Park

It was once a hunting ground for royal families in Madhya Pradesh – but now it is been concorded as a clandestine reserve for the Royal Bengal tiger. Besides being rich in the wilderness, the Park is one of the most densely populated tiger reserves in India. You’ll get the option of a guided safari tour, which will help you learn about the regal beasts.

wildlife safari in india - bandhavgarh

Animals to spot: Tigers, Barking deers, Bengal fox, Neelghai, and Striped hyenas.

Best time to visit: Oct to June is the best time to visit the Park.

Duration: 3 to four hours – depending on the drive. Most people stick to jeep safari for a guided tour.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

It’s the most popular wildlife Park in Kerala known for its scenic beauty. Spread across 192,000 acres of land, it’s home to lush green vegetation. Besides safari rides, there are boat rides for tourists.

wildlife safari in india - periyar

Animals to spot: Wild pigs, Moose deer, Indian wild dog, Barking deer, Asiatic elephants.

Best time to visit: Sep to Jan is the best time to visit the Park.

Duration: 4 to five hours depending on the time.

Plan your safari tour, So now you know about all the top wildlife National Parks of India. Why wait for the right opportunity to visit? You can plan your trip today to have a time of your life. Book a safari trip according to season to spot all the animals on your bucket list. Happy tripping!

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