Skywalk in India, Pelling Skywalk is Worth Visiting!

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You don’t need to travel to other countries to walk over the mountains through an impressive glass bridge. Our own special state, Sikkim has a radiant glass Skywalk roosted over the fog-clad mountains of Pelling. The Skywalk is encircled by the grand Himalayas and it lays beneath the 137-feet tall wonderful sculpture of Chenrezig.

The Chenrezig sculpture in Pelling is the fourth tallest sculpture in Sikkim. The Sikkim Skywalk is India’s absolute first glass Skywalk. It gives a tremendous view on the Chenrezig sculpture and the steps that lead to it, with golden prayer wheels on the two sides.

Pelling Skywalk Opening Time

Opening time of Pelling Skywalk is 9am to 6pm, these hours are enough for people to get the chance to enjoy the view and experience the thrilling walk.

The entrance fee for Pelling Skywalk is way too reasonable, though they have invested a huge amount to make it attractive and for maintenance, Pelling Skywalk price is Rs. 20 for local and Rs. 50 for non-local.

How to Reach Pelling Skywalk

Pelling has a well-weave road network and accordingly can be easily reached by road. One can opt for a private taxi or can take state transport to arrive at Pelling.

Found 160 km from the town, Bagdogra Airport is the closest airport to Pelling. All around associated with every major city, there are a few flights working from this spot.

New Jalpaiguri Railway Station situated 52 km from Pelling is the closest railroad station.

Best time to visit Peeling Skywalk

Visiting Peeling Skywalk during winter would make you need layers of clothing, the temperature at Peeling is quite cold from October to January. The best time to visit Peeling Skywalk is from February to July, to make sure your stay at Peeling is pleasant you need to do advance bookings and research about nearby places to visit.

Skywalk in India, Pelling Skywalk is Worth Visiting!

Attain Blessing of Buddha – The Chenrezig Statue

For sure you’d like the view after you’ve done with the prayer and feel peaceful enthralling the scenery with such a blissful location. After reaching the top, you can see monks chanting prayers, the skywalk, prayer wheels and the holistic view of lake. The view is unbelievable which would make you stay there for longer, to bring in more peace to the situation, you can join the monks and start with the prayers.

Places to visit nearby

Well if you happen to have ample time (which I suggest you should), you can visit places which could be of your interest as well. Check out:

  • Sanga Choeling Monastery
  • Khecheopalri Lake
  • Rabdentse Ruins

Watch The Skywalk

Video by: Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

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