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It is not wrong to say that trekking is one of the most admired escapades in India. It is lifetime evidence, which offers you a high epinephrine rush and a chance to come close to the wonders of nature. The great Himalayas provide different types of trekking paths, which range from being easy to uttermost difficult. Such things are a mix of artificial structures, flora and fauna, saintly delight, and ethnic experience. Now let’s look at some of the famous treks in India.

Beas Kund Trek

best places for trekking in india

One of the most daring and challenging trekking destinations in India, Himachal Pradesh, gives a sublime and glorious short trek named Beas Kund Trek. Beas Kund trek is a famous long weekend trail in Manali as you enjoy marvelous views of the Pir Panjal ranges and Dhundi & Bakarthach meadows if you walk along the bank of river Beas. The ideal time to visit Beas Kund is between the months of June to early October. 

Another biggest valley, namely Markha valley, is situated in Ladakh and Markha valley trek is one of the most sought-after hike trails in the region. As the beginning point with the Leh, this tough or different hike will take you through the Sara, Nimaling, Chilling, Siku, and Hankar. The perfect time to travel to Markha valley is during the month between July and mid-September. 

Valley Of Flowers

famous places for trekking in india

Unmistakably, one of the most famous and magnificent trekking in India is the valley of flower trek, situated in Uttarakhand’s region. During monsoon climate, this natural or snowy valley gets filled with different kinds of colorful peak altitude Himalayan flowers, making it like a promised land of heaven and is perfect for trekkers of all age groups. The month between July to mid-September is good to witness this marvelous place. There are several hiking places in India for trainees or beginners and Maharashtra is one of them. The best time to visit this place is June to September. Rajmachi is located at a distance of around 15 kilometers from Lonavala. One gets a chance to explore Shri Vardhan and Manaranjan forts, giving marvelous views of all valleys. In west Bengal, Sandakphu is the greatest point known as ‘Trekker’s WonderLand.’ One of the highlights of this trek is orchids, magnolias and including ferns & colorful flora. Another attraction is the ‘Kalapokhri’ or the ‘Black Pond,’ held by Buddhists. Walk past the popular valley of poison, called Bikhey Bhanjyang. This is called so as a toxicant flower aconite grows here. April to May and October to February is the perfect time to visit this place. 

Chokramudi Trek

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In Munnar, this trek has peak altitude forest, hills, and rivers along with a mist-clad ambiance providing an impressive sight. This trek is wonderful for pupils who have a shortage of time but wish to experience the best of the scenery of this mountain town. The beginning point of the trek is near Chokramudi mountain. Another glamorous trek is the Idukki Dam, one of the biggest arch dams in Asia. You can visit any time of the month to view this amazing place.

Green Lake Trek

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This Green Lake Trek in Sikkim takes you to the base of Kanchenjunga, a sprawling green landscape, few alpine trees and a serene lake. The green Lake in Sikkim is amongst the tricky and unexplored treks in the Sikkim Himalayan belt that travels through some of the secluded tribal villages perched at a lofty height of the hill. October & November and April & May are the best time to visit for trekking as wildflowers are in their fullest bloom. Moreover, ice starts melting; thus, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby mountains. Unfortunately, Sikkim receives heavy rainfall during monsoon season, and issues like blocked roads and landslides are commonly making it an unfavorable time to trek in the state. 

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Singalila Sandakphu Trek

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There are easy treks in Sikkim like the Singalila Sandakphu trek, whose trail takes you across the forest of giant magnolias and a large kind of Orchids. Darjeeling is also a popular central controller for trekkers as the mountain station is the base to the famous Sandakphu-Phalut trek. One can see the panoramic view of the Himalayan range from mount Everest to Kanchenjunga. The trek downhill leads to Rimbik via Raman and, after that, wheels pull in Sikkim. ‘Abode of snow’ is another well-liked region for trekking in North India of Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers want to see its local villages, Icy peaks & lush forest, and glacial Lakes. Chandra Taal, meaning ‘Lake Of The Moon,’ is chock in the middle of towering hills in the middle of the Spiti valley on the Samudra Tapu Plateau. There are enormous, tremendous paths to choose from in the place, but one can’t miss the handrail lake trek in the Spiti valley. 

Kashmir, called the promised land on earth, is also home to countless treks on its aerial pastureland and lakes, making it a special destination. Unfortunately, Kashmir doesn’t receive heavy rainfall, and that is the cause. The perfect trekking time is the months of July to September. The best treks to do in Kashmir are the Kishansar & Vishansar Lakes trek, Tansar & Marsar Lakes, and Kashmir Great Lakes trek. In winter, Kashmir has limited treks to provide, like Narang Trek and Gangabal Lake Trek.

Chadar Trek

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The Chadar Trek is a winter trail over the preserved Zanskar River, which lies in the Indian Union Country of Ladakh. It is conventionally the only means of travel in the area during the grating winter months. The trail has become prominent with the International experience tourist. The River Zanskar freezes in the month of winter. The whole river looks like a sheet of snow and hence referred to in the local language as chadar. Chadar Trek, in the enticing scenery of Ladakh, is one of the most adventurous and most difficult treks in the country. As per the Chadar trek guide, while most trek is completed by walking, hiking may even have to climb icy rocks and boulders during the expedition. For every person who seeks adventure and is prepared to face the durable conditions and take up the most challenging tasks, this guide to chadar trek is a must. This trek is a must-do for those who have an instinct for top altitude trekking and taking on challenges as they come in life. The perfect time to take this trek is in January and February. The charmer of the countryside is the most recompense part of the trek. The temperature is absurdly low during the day and hurdles to unbearable freezing temperatures during the night. The nights are spent in caves near the chilled river so that all trekkers should come with sleeping bags, sturdy shoes, and jackets. 

Chadar trek is not just any other trekking experience. The trekker can choose to camp along the banks like locals or set up a pavilion where snow is the most steady. Zanskar river proceeds through a steep canyon between Chilling and Zanskar valley. Over the years, the exploit started walking on the chilled river, making it one of India’s most illustrious winter treks. Therefore, thorough physical and mental preparation for the chadar trek is highly recommended.

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