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If you enjoy hiking a lot, you’ve undoubtedly aware of Triund and placed it on your bucket list. Trekking in Triund is peaceful and seductive. It provides beautiful scenery of the towering Dhauladhar hills on one side and the stunning Kangra valley on the opposite side. It is in the heart of the Dhauladhar Range, 18 kilometers from Dharamshala. The last kilometer is full of twists and hills that can drain your stamina at an astonishing rate, despite the fact that the walk is not challenging. 

Why should one go trekking in Triund?

Adventure And Serene

The modest trip provides the ideal amount of excitement and fun. Although the track is clearly marked, there are still a few obstacles along the way, leaving it suited both for novice and seasoned hikers.

The walk transports people out of the city’s congestion and puts them in the woodlands. It’s a great chance to tune out the outside world and reconnect with your inner self. It’s really the ideal getaway from the grind because of the quiet environment and lack of excessive noise.

Camping And Adaptation

In Triund, hiking is a novel opportunity. The campfire, starry evenings, and bright skies all contribute to the incredible experience. You may stay the night outside using survival gear that you can rent.

You reach a height of 2,875 meters (9,432 feet) above sea level during the hike. Acclimatization is aided by the steady elevation, making it simpler for trekkers to go on subsequent treks that will be more difficult.

Best Time To Visit

One of the few treks in the nation that is accessible all year round is the Triund Trekking. Decide when to schedule the journey before everything else! The journey is accessible all year round, except January and February. Triund often has significant snowfall during these two months, rendering several routes entirely impassable. While the best time to travel is usually around March and July in order to avoid the oppressive heat. During the monsoon, the walk gets difficult, especially when it comes to navigating the verdant green trees you’ll encounter. In addition, the relentless snowfall between January and February causes the road to the peak to be closed for a number of weeks. 

If you are not familiar with mountain seasons and all the difficulties faced there you may also book mcleodganj triund trek online via various tour sites offering you various reasonable price packages.


The journey begins at McLeod Ganj and travels along a clearly marked path that passes across lush oak and rhododendron trees. The Triund trek path thereafter becomes difficult to navigate and calls for a strong hike. The 22 steep turns along this section of road have earned it the nickname “22 Curves” in youth culture. Below is a thorough map of the Triund Trek route:

  • McLeod Ganj to Galu Devi

The walk begins at McLeod Ganj, and the first part is very simple, taking you through the city’s main winding streets. 2.5 kilometers of hiking will bring you to a modest tea store. Afterward, the route steepens and winds across rugged hills. The next 3.5 miles of hiking will get you to Galu Devi Temple. At a height of 2,100 meters (6,890 feet) above sea level, the temple may be found.

  • Galu Devi to Triund

The second part of the walk is more difficult and harsher compared to the initial part. At Galu Devi Temple, people must go for about 2.5 kilometers until they get to a little water source. You must ascend carefully because the last 500 meters of the route are the toughest. Visitors will get to Triund after a 3-kilometre hike from Galu Devi Temple. At a height of 2,875 meters (9,432 feet) above sea level, Triund is a huge grassland.

  • Triund to Snowline Cafe

A well-liked walking track in the stunning Dhauladhar Mountains of the Himalayas runs between Triund to Snowline Café. It takes around two to three hours to walk the 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) from Triund to Snowline Café. the Snowline Café, which is situated 3,380 meters above sea level. Trekkers frequently end their trek at the café, where you may relax while sipping tea and enjoying some delicacies.

Factors Affecting Trek

  • Weather

It’s crucial to verify the weather report before making your walk because the climate in Triund may be erratic. The hiking paths are tough to navigate during the rainy season and treacherous during the winter when the routes are buried with snow.

  • Trekking Routes

The trek’s degree of difficulty is influenced by the weather. The hiking paths are tough to navigate during the rainy season and treacherous during the winter when the routes are buried with snow. It’s critical to pick the ideal moment to go to Triund depending on your fitness level and familiarity with hiking.

  • Altitude Sickness

You reach an elevation of 2,875 meters (9,432 feet) over sea level on the climb to Triund. Altitude sickness, which can result in vomiting, headache, and difficulty breathing, can be brought on by the abrupt shift in altitude. Prior to beginning the journey, you must acclimatize and make sure you are adequately hydrated.

  • Limited Amenities

Apart from just a few little stores selling refreshments and food, there aren’t any real amenities on the hike. Food, drink, and other necessities must be brought with you. Maintaining the cleanliness of the hills and properly disposing of your garbage is also essential.


In the Dhauladhar Mountains of the Indian Himalayas, the Triund Trail is a well-known hiking destination. This trip is ideal for both novice and expert trekkers since it has a picturesque route, a reasonable degree of difficulty, and a variety of lodging and dining alternatives.

The path is clearly defined, and you’ll find a number of campgrounds and inns in which you can stop for a break and eat and drink. You may rest here for the night and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Dhauladhar Mountains from Triund’s summit.

For walking to Triund, it is imperative to have adequate water, food, warm clothes, and appropriate hiking equipment. Moreover, be mindful of checking the weather report before setting out on your walk, and stay away from hiking even during the rainy season as the terrain may become treacherous and slick.

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