Coronavirus Live Status: High School Student Builds a Website that counts live status of this pandemic

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Meet the 17-year old Avi Schiffmann who build the website that provides coronavirus live count. In an interview he says:

The site, which runs a script to automatically scrape a number of well-sourced sites for the latest data, has attracted more than 2 million unique visitors and gets as many as 300,000 returning visitors each day, setting record site numbers for past two weeks.

Avi Schiffmann

Avi Shiffmann, Covid website:

He’s has been a computer geek since he was a child, Avi Schiffman created website that portrays coronavirus live status which is simple to understand and one of the most very few websites that even helped users in knowing the live count!

Covid-19 is a respiratory illness that first emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Schiffmann, who lives in Seattle, coded the coronavirus tracking website when there were fewer than 1,000 cases in China. Since then, it has spread to more than 165 countries, with more than a quarter-million cases. On March 11, the World Health Organisation officially characterized coronavirus as a pandemic.

Also a subreddit r/coronavirus has a menu that mentions “COVID-19 Map”, which mentions live count in an interactive way that provides information in detail.

corona live update
corona live update status

Though we have such sites build by these geniuses, we hope the number count less and waving hearts all around.

Coronavirus live count, how the website consolidates and validates the data:

The website checks each and every tweet from authorized account and updates the list. Avi Shiffmann talks more about the technology part and how he ended up making this useful website.

Sources say that he was even offered $8m to place ads on his site, he turned down the offer that followed thousands of likes, replies and retweets from his followers for the statement he made.

Coronavirus live status as of:


Corona live status: May 28th

Though the count for positive cases are not as predicted by John Hopkins University, India has shown decently better attention towards the lockdown procedure and that helped in keeping the count low.

The prediction had also mentioned that it may take September for India to see better changes.

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